With large stock, we can offer all types of machines

As we try to sell only machines we have on stock, we can guarantee quality and service like no one else. We have at present a huge variety of printing, converting and finishing machines for different materials to provide the full range of solutions for the printing, packaging, converting and advertising industry.

Depending on the time and current prices, we keep at least a few variations for every operation in the printing and packaging industries so we can respond quick to customer demands. Nevertheless, we can acquire any machine in short periods at competitive price from a manufacturer in the industry.

Services we offer along with machines

As we are not just a machine broker, we try to cover the full range of services associated with machines for the printing, packaging, converting and advertising industry. Therefore we have the following services on offer:

  • Safety Standards Certification and Training
  • Machine Rebuilding, Checking and Upgrading
  • Buying Surplus Machinery from Companies
  • Cleaning and Maintaining Machines on Site
  • Training and Mechanical Testing of Machines
  • Moving Separate Machines as Well as Whole Plants

On our machine platform you can see all available machines with specific information and prices, however you need to be logged in first. in case you don't have an account with us, please write to office@pcce.eu with your company information so we can make you an account. We require registration as we had some cases in the past of customers misusing the information and photos of the machines, so we are forced to require registration for all customers accessing the information.


We work with a few producers from Asia and America to represent them in Europe for these:

  • Paper sheet counting machines
  • Security Print Materials
  • Software for Print Management

All these are new alliances so we don't keep their machines on stock but just representing the companies in Europe.

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